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Husband’s ‘Real Need’ Trumps Pre-Nuptial Agreement

A husband who agreed before his marriage that he would have no claim on his wife’s property, or on gifts made to her by her wealthy parents, has nevertheless been awarded a slice of her fortune after divorce reduced him to ‘living like a tramp’.

The husband accepted that, had he refused to sign the pre-marital agreement, ‘the marriage would not have taken place’. He had received expert legal advice


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Fraudster’s Ex-Wife Cannot Prove She Was Cheated

In an important case which emphasised the finality of divorce, a woman who claimed that her ‘out and out rogue’ ex-husband hid at least £10 million from her while pleading poverty has failed to convince the Court of Appeal that she should be permitted to re-open financial aspects of her divorce.

Eight years after the end of the marriage, the husband had been sentenced to a 10-year jail term for


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Prisoner Kitchen Worker ‘Akin to an Employee’

In a decision which helps to set the boundaries of the employment relationship, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has been found vicariously liable for the negligence of a prison inmate whose carelessness resulted in serious injury to the jail’s catering manager.

Although the prisoner was paid just £11.55 a week for his work in the jail’s kitchen, the Court of Appeal found that his role was a necessary one that would otherwise have had to be performed by a member of the prison’s staff and that his relationship with the Prison Service was thus ‘akin to employment’.

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Test Case Defines Boundaries of ‘Public Office’

In a unique decision of importance to all NHS employees and others who work for public authorities, an ex-paramedic who groped a vulnerable woman in the back of an ambulance while taking her to hospital has been cleared of misconduct after the Court of Appeal ruled that he was not the holder of a 'public office'.

The man’s behaviour had been captured on CCTV as he fondled the woman's breasts and put her hand on his groin after he was sent to her home following an emergency call. He admitted misconduct in a public office after a judge rejected his lawyers’ arguments that he could not have committed that offence.

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